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Fri, Nov. 5th, 2004, 06:22 pm
Watches and Cars

Another week gone by and the clock is still ticking. I've picked up the intensity behind my studying since my tests will be soon.

I was reading my men’s health issue for the month of November, and I saw one of the funniest things. It showed a picture of a guy in a spiffy suit looking sharp with a sports watch on. Being as how I dress in suits day in and out and wear a sports watch everywhere, it hit home. Men's Health said the best way to wreck that cool and collected suit look is with a sports watch and recommended an Omega watch. The funny thing is that in August I was out golfing with one of the CEO's from a company we do IT work for, and he said I should get a "classy" watch, instead of that crazy sports watch look. So I'm going to buy either this one
or this one
I'll make up my mind within the next week.

Cars, a Nissan Maxima 2005 fully loaded goes for around $35,700, I can get it for about 30,000. The Dodge Stratus R/T 2005 fully loaded goes for about $26,980, and I can get it for $14,000. Both cars are Brand new. I think I'm going to take the stratus. I can pay it off in about 1 year, and then I will be driving for free. The Nissan would take me about 2.5-3 years to pay off, and I'm not really inclined to spend that type of money over that period of time yet in my life. I also have a few other things I need to now start directing funds towards to meet my goals in life, so while I would love the Nissan Maxima, it just doesn't fit into the equation right now, however in 3 years, I think it will, but I might be looking at Jaguars and that type then. I might even have a corvette by then, who knows.

Tue, Nov. 2nd, 2004, 08:33 am
too damn long

I'm not good at keeping this thing up to date in the slightest; it seems to get lost in the backlog of games, books, movies and life. Whatever.

I'm thinking of buying a Nissan Maxima. The guy who lives across the street from my parents worked at Chrysler for 65 years and can get between 10k and 15k off any type of car, dependently on what type of car it is. We will see where it goes.

Saw a pretty girl in the gym today; she used the Elliptical machine right next to my Treadmill, bummer I was almost done with my workout. I caught her three times looking at me, eyes locked each time. I'll keep an eye out for her in the future.

Went to the BW3's last night, good times. Planetside sure can be crazy sometimes. Studied for 2 hours for Certification tests as well last night. It sucks, because it's so difficult to explain IT and how it works. If I want to get anywhere in IT, I need to read non stop, WebPages, cert books, IT articles, and everything in between. Oh the joy.

Sun, Sep. 26th, 2004, 06:09 pm
Work and puppy dog

This friday we drove to Indianapolis to attend the annual corporate meeting for work. Meetings all day friday and saturday, oh the joys. It was good to see the strategic plan and to finally meet a few people I had not meet yet. I've meet about 90% of the employees in my company because I've traveled to their facilities and clients to help on projects. Got a sweatshirt, t-shirt and a bunch of other free goodies. After the meetings friday I went out with the co-workers and we stayed out until 2 am. I was a bit tired saturday morning, but it was all cool.

We went out to the safe house last night, with about 12-15 people. It's a type of bar/club and its got a really cool atmosphere. Well Dan and Jim remembered the password, but I did not and Kevin had never been there, so the bouncers let Jim and Dan in without incident. Kevin and I in order to get in had to give each other back rubs. The funny part is that the entrance room has cameras, and they broadcast it into the safehouse on TV's all over so once the bouncers let you in the whole place goes crazy. We got a bunch of woots and whoops as Jim and Dan were laughing their asses off. The best one was where they made 3 girls frisk another girl and it got hot mighty quick.

Here are some pictures of the new Samoyed dog. His name is Mickey, and he is far less of a coward than Sammy, the 8 year old samoyed. Sammy doesn't like stairs, or heights of any kind. Mickey is a riot.

Thu, Sep. 9th, 2004, 06:53 pm
Let the good times roll in.

We wound up partying most of the labor day weekend, one of my roommates asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes, so it was non stop partying.
The arcade machine is still in pieces and we have a huge house party coming up this friday night. I'll get it together and ready for the party.
Control Panel for the arcade machine in pieces.

Kevin discussing why Ashley's purse rocks with Dave Chapelle.

Thu, Sep. 2nd, 2004, 06:53 am
Last Friday night

Well, at the last moment Kevin decided he didn't want to go to the lakefront, so we hit the Bavarian INN. Good fish fry, and then we hit up a few bars later on. Was a grand old time.


The crew, from left to right Dan, Mike, Kevin, Matt, Dawn

Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 08:37 am
This weekend

Going to the Lakefront brewery again this weekend. MMmmm beer and fish, damn I'm already excited. Here are some pictures from a month or two ago when we went.

Five dollars for a pint glass you get to keep, and you can fill it as many times as you want on the 1.5 hour tour. and then a 10 dollar fish fry that is outright amazing even when you are sober.

Here's the Lakefront Brewery

Here's the crew, from left to right; Jim, Dan, Molly and Matt

Here was the brew tour guide

Here's the Facility, one of the Small breweries we have in Wisconsin.

FING Barley man, the shit that makes it all possible.

I'm suprised I actually got this picture off, I was pretty tanked at the time. This is when everyone is tanked and starving for some of the best fish fry in Wisconsin.

Tue, Aug. 24th, 2004, 10:17 pm
Mofo All Your Base

While Cooking my brats on the charcoal grill in the rain, I got this wacky Idea to use what I wrote earlier in the day.

Here is the end product:


if you want to download it:


Tue, Aug. 24th, 2004, 09:54 am
All your base

I actually used to play tribes with one of the first guys who started using that phrase. I was always like WTF when he would say that. Then it went all main stream=p

I wrote a script for how the Mofo's would look.

Mofo Version:
In A.D. 2004
WoW was beginning.
Moki: What happen ?
Shakata: Somebody the missed mob.
Dettie: Rez we get.
Moki: What !
Dettie: Rez now.
Moki: WTF !!11!
Mob: I l337 pwnz U !!
Mob: All your WoW are belong to us.
Mob: You suxxxs, playing stop.
Moki: OMG Haxx !!
Mob: Roxxorz.
Mob: FLOFL ....
Moki: Take off every 'Mofo' !!
Dettie: WTF11?.
Moki: Move 'Mofo'.
Moki: For great internet.

Original All your base:
In A.D. 2101
War was beginning.
Captain: What happen ?
Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.
Operator: We get signal.
Captain: What !
Operator: Main screen turn on.
Captain: It's You !!
Cats: How are you gentlemen !!
Cats: All your base are belong to us.
Cats: You are on the way to destruction.
Captain: What you say !!
Cats: You have no chance to survive make your time.
Cats: HA HA HA HA ....
Captain: Take off every 'zig' !!
Captain: You know what you doing.
Captain: Move 'zig'.
Captain: For great justice.

Sun, Aug. 22nd, 2004, 06:40 pm
Good times

Metallica put on a great show Friday night. Godsmack opened and played for about 45 minutes, then Metallica came on and played for 3 hours. It didn't even feel that long either. They played all the classics and great songs. I was happy I heard one, that's gotta be in my top 5 Metallica Favorites. The show was great, but I don't know if I would pay that much again to see a metalica concert.

The packer game yesterday was the bomb. We got to Green Bay around 3 o'clock and proceed to have a huge tailgate. Beer brats, Hamburgers, hot dogs, steak and chicken. Damn good food.

Here's Lambeau Field, Tinsletown.

From left to right, Mike my sisters boyfriend, My sister Sarah, and Ed my bro from College.

Going for a pass during warm-up

The main man in charge, Favre.

Little league football during half-time.

If you want see more go to http://www.gamersanon.com/packattack/

Fri, Aug. 20th, 2004, 11:18 am
Busy weekend

Metallica comes to the bradley center tonight in Milwaukee, so that show starts at 7:30. The other guys are going to the lakefront brewery to have a good fish fry and get piss drunk on the beer tour. We are gonna meet up after the show/tour.
I saw metallica live in chicago about 5 years ago and they don't disappoint. This tour they are doing a different set every night. It's going to be a good time.

The line for season tickets for Packers is approximately 65,256 people long. It is the longest waiting line for any team of any sport in America from what I remember. Currently around 62 season ticket spots open up a year. If you entered the line now, it would be around 4000 AD before you got your season tickets. That being the case I have season tickets, Rock on. This saturday is a Milwaukee game, I have those tickets too, so I invited some buds to join me to the game. kick off is around 7, so we will get there around 3 and have a little tailgate action. I'll snap some shots of Lambeau Field.

As always I project on sunday during the day at the theater, so this weekend is going to fly by.

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