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Wed, Sep. 14th, 2005, 07:40 am
A Safer America

I read Schneier's blog at least once a day, because the guy is truly brilliant when it comes to concepts in security. He has the right Idea about security in general and I've found that what he says reflects a lot on how we live our lives. I like how he uses the idea of "Movie Plots" to explain the gigantic misconception and waste of time worrying about box cutters and shoe bombs is. Honestly I still support Bush's action in going to war, but as the days go on I find myself calling into question truly the benefit we have gained. If you know me, I'm a war type of guy. I love anything that has to do with war, which is strange then how I didn't end up in the military. It's funny sometimes when you look through history, the foolish things wars are fought for. I guess this one is no different.

I'm glad Nagin and the governor of Louisiana are now taking some heat from what they DIDN'T do either concerning Hurricane Katrina efforts. I will agree Bush should have acted quicker, but there is no way Louisiana and New Orleans politicians should get off scott-free. There was a definite miss-appropriation of funds regarding this whole situation.


I'll get Gamersanon.com back up one of these days, as soon as I rebuild the Linux server.