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Wed, Dec. 8th, 2004, 08:46 am
Why do bad days seem to escalate so quickly?

I woke up, my left knee is still pissed, hurts when I extend it. The shower was cold, I ran out of toothpaste and did not have another(wtf!). My shake this morning tasted horrible, I don't think I blended it enough. My tire Exploded while on the road almost losing control swerving into a semi-truck. The jack came out from under my car and the car almost slammed down on my foot, only about an inch away. I have never had that happen ever in my life in replacing tires. My spare is now almost flat, and I have a 35 Minute travel to get home. There is a Nonpoint concert tonight, but I doubt I can make it with the tire needing repair. I have a review this afternoon, we'll see how that goes. What a wonderful day.

On a lighter note I bought a Norelco Coolskin 7775x shaver. It's the closest shave besides a razor I have ever had, and the lotion is amazing. The friend with benefits said Friday night she liked the way it felt, so the Coolskin has the thumbs up from me.