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Mon, Nov. 29th, 2004, 08:59 am
Week 1 down

So onto week 2 of the Abs diet, Same weight, height and all that, Didn't check the fat %, I'll do that later this week. The eating is going well, I like the shakes and all the other foods. There are some great recipes to make too. I might do some pasta tonight, see how that comes.

WoW is fun. Much better than my previous play attempts at it. I find it much more enjoyable than EQ2. Also however I find that it is much more a soloing type game than EQ2. EQ2 relies so heavily on parties, it's virtually impossible to do anything past lvl 15 without another person. WoW is much nicer when it comes to soloing, but in turn I think that hurts more the social aspect.

In EQ you form a group, and then you go hunting, and you just kick ass. In WoW groups seem to be formed for a quest that takes approx. 5 minutes to beat, and then the group disbands. The exception to this is Guild groups which rock because you know everyone knows their role and can rock it hard.

I was very impressed with Shakta, Vicious, Hyure, Wuss, and Natael. All 5 of them know how to play their class and play it well. Shakta and Vicious stand out among the pack as players of real skill, yet I still beat Shakta in a duel =p.

The professions in Wow are SOOOOOOOO much better than EQ2. EQ2's professions seem so mindless and utterly stupid. WoW's seem to have a direct effect immediatly. Being a Hippy is fun and it gives me an excuse as to why I have a train of 5 mobs on me. "dude there was Bruiseweed over there. I needed Bruiseweed bad." It so reminds me of this Penny arcade comic.

Mon, Nov. 29th, 2004 05:13 pm (UTC)

Shakta and Vicious stand out among the pack as players of real skill,
I...I think I love you.

yet I still beat Shakta in a duel =p.
nevermind. BULL SHIT!! You know the only reason you won was because of that potion. "I have no potions" Middle of the fight, you're almost dead and I have half life. HEY LOOK YOU DRANK A POTION. wtf :( All I had were the 50 health minor potions. I had you beat fair and square. Vic too. Lousy cheaters.