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Fri, Nov. 12th, 2004, 03:14 pm
70-290 down the tubes

I've been actively using Windows Servers since NT 3.5 and while I like them for some areas, I dislike them for others. I'm a big advocate of Windows and Linux environments actively utilizing both sides’ strengths.

Today I passed the 70-290 exam Maintaining and Managing Server 2003. Finally after saying I was going to for like 2 years. I have three exams left to become MCSA certified since my A+ and Network+ certifications will qualify as an elective. Then I will have 2 more exams after that to become MCSE certified.

In the end I don't know if I really want MCSE. While it holds a lot of prestige, in the end I really want my CCNP and RHCE certifications. My CCNA certification expires in March 2006 and I want to be well on my way to CCNP before that point. So in the end, I need to really get my act together and re-affirm again where I want my life to go. In the end I really don't want to own my own business, I more want to be the part of team that functions flawlessly in an advanced environment built upon challenge and problem solving.

So I'm happy, life is good indeed.

Domo is getting a bunch of Cat5e a friend of his won on a crazy auction for cheap as hell, we are going to wire a friends house. He started building a new place along the Milwaukee River, amazing house and we are going to have a blast wiring it up with everything you can imagine. Too bad the weather here has gotten colder and it will be a tad bit un-comfortable working.

Started my EQ2 scout last night, got him to level 6 and then proceeded to study for the cert test today. I connected 2 Cisco routers and 3com router, and made some crazy loop, and then proceed to use ACL's to severely limit the amount of Upload Blizzards WoW client could hose from me. In the end I was downloading at about 40Kb a sec and uploading at 10Kb a sec. Awesome. Shows you that whatever they can think of, it can be outsmarted.

HL2 came out today, its on content delivery from Steam, so it will be waiting for me when I come home.

Today is a gym day, run 5 miles, bike 1 mile, stair climb 1 mile. My legs always seem to just kill me after the workouts, but it’s good. Then go home and use the medicine ball for 30 minutes and it will be set. I missed my Bowflex workout last night cause of studying. But it's cool; I'll work a bit harder tomorrow to make up.